Till Rot Do Us Part

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And now … for a walk on the blight side!

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You see […], the thing with people is … no matter where you bite them, they’re just too tasty. There’s no way around it, it’s either Dine or Deny.

Enchantress Spinethrasherliterate Zombie nemesis

Do I feel their hatred? Hardly. That day […] their disapproval of our lifestyle and choices (I had no clue what they meant by that […]) was most obvious, yet all I could say on the matter was: cavities are an absolute non-issue for us with the Paleo diet, bone gnawing routines and everything.

EvisceraExterminatress Extraordinaire

Zombieism – a just cause. Support your local Carcassians.

Don’t Be Square, Eat the Fair!

A motto that stands for a cultural, societal and industrial revolution striving to redefine the modern world with its rising demands for indifference, lack of intelligence and low morals. Expect unequaled tolerance towards cannibalism, ample relaxation (practically everyone’s hanging out leisurely in the streets when they’re not snacking) and maximum calcium intake.


brains devoured





Care to talk shop about yummy body parts or wanna have your cute head shot removed or altered, fellow anthropophaginian? Just drop me a line.

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